Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 2 – Term 1

We homeschooled over the summer so we are almost finished with our Charlotte Mason Year 2 Term 1, but I thought I would share with you what we have used for this term. We use Ambleside Online with a Catholic twist. I have added and subtracted a few things to make them more fitting to our faith and have really loved the way it has been working for our family. Here’s a peek into our curriculum.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

Catholic Charlotte Mason Homeschool – Year 2 – Term 1


Catholic Children’s Bible – Daily readings that follow the church’s schedule. This has been a great way to start our days. The kids love taking part in the readings as well which makes it a great start to the day.

Once Upon a Time Saints – Volume 1 – Once a week we read a bit more into a saint. The kids have loved learning more about the saints and the stories are nice a short, but full of beautiful stories and inspiration.

Prayers – We are learning one new prayer each term. This term’s prayer was “Prayer to Jesus”. The kids had this memorized quickly and was easily added into our morning prayer time.

Latin Prayer – This term we learned the sign of the cross in Latin. It’s been a fun addition to our day.

Hymns – We are just starting this. Brian plays guitar at mass each week, so he has a list of the hymns being sung for the month. We will pick one hymn each week and listen to it so they will recognize the hymn that week at mass. They sing along with the hymnal already, but I think knowing them ahead of time will help them to feel more comfortable with the songs. The ones we love we will continue to listen to as we progress through the year.


Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

Math-U-See – Beta – We started this curriculum right after Christmas and it completely changed the way we do math. From fighting about finishing the work to having my daughter write “I Love Math” almost every lesson. It has been a much needed addition to our curriculum. We are almost finished with this book and will be moving to the next level in a month or so.


Sing Song Latin – the kids love this program. It was has been a great fit for our family, and they are learning quite a bit. This will more than likely be our last year of Latin, I believe we will start Italian next year, but I am so glad the kids have been getting a Latin base for their language learning skills. Even I learned quite a bit and loved seeing how Latin has influenced the other languages including our own, English.


Our Island Story – The kids love learning about the different kings, queens and more in this well written book. In addition to readings, we are working on our Book of Centuries. So each king has a printed picture to be added to our timeline. This has been great in keeping track of who was when and what they did at that time. We will continue to add to this as we progress through history.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

This Country of Ours – Another great addition to our history.

A Child’s History of the World – the kids love this too, quick well-written stories to aid in their understanding of the world and history.

Abraham Lincoln – this was a great add-in for our American History. The kids loved listening and learning about Honest Abe.


Burgess Animal Book – The kids love the Burgess books and I do as well. The stories are beautiful, fun and they are learning so much from each one. This will be our science spine for the whole year. I have printed coloring sheets of the animals for them to color as we read. They will notice the animals we’ve read about on our nature walks and in our backyard and tell all that they’ve learned about them as they watch them in their natural habitat.

Burgess Seaside Book – We added this in for our trip to Florida for 2 weeks. I read a bit each day and we will be finishing it up this term. As with all the Burgess books, they are loving it and learning a ton about sea life.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

Nature Study – The kids are constantly looking closely at nature and we try to identify and learn more about everything that they find. We also take a nature walk once a week and enjoy exploring and searching for specific things. The kids also keep a nature journal where they sketch and write about what they’ve seen and learned.


Tree in the Trail – We love this book! The story is wonderful and the illustrations are beautiful. The kids have loved learning about the Santa Fe Trail and we have been filling in our map with the trail as we go. It has been a great project!


Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

Tales from Shakespeare – The kids are still really enjoying Shakespeare. In fact, at one point, Sunshine was naming her stuffed animals after the characters in The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Parables from Nature – This is a fun book for the kids. They love any type of story regarding animals and nature so they are always excited when Parables of Nature is the literature selection.

Understood Betsy – We love this book. The story is so enlightening and lovely. The kids are attached to the characters and love listening to their adventures.

Free Reading – Read-A-Louds

Heidi – This book was wonderful! I couldn’t believe I had never read it as a kid. I was lery at first but quickly we all became attached and wanted to know what would happen next. This was a book the kids asked for more chapters of daily.

Dr. Dolittle – This was a great quick, fun read after reading Heidi. The kids laughed out loud at the situations! This was another we couldn’t seem to put down!

Five Little Peppers and How They Grew – This one we did on audiobook. This wasn’t their favorite but they liked it ok. It might have been better had we read it aloud instead of by audiobook.

The Door in the Wall – We just started this book and so far we are loving this as well.


Walter de la Mare – We had a lot of fun reading de la Mare. His poems were great for the kids to read aloud and work on their reading skills while enjoying the poems as well. We also used his poems for copywork and writing practice.

Lewis Carrol – We finished up de la Mare so we began a small book of poetry by Lewis Carrol which the kids are loving as well.


Dictation Day by Day – Level 2 – this has been a fun way to combine dictation, handwriting, grammar and spelling in one subject. The sentences start simple and build on each other while noticing the way other words are spelled similarly. The kids actually ask to do extra dictation and have been doing very well with it all. We also take some time and talk about the different parts of speech after they’ve written the sentences.

Independent Reading

Both kids read independently for 30 minutes each day. This term they have read many different things but their favorites have been the Clyde Robert Bulla books. They were hooked after the first ones and we now have a collection of his work. They are the perfect length and reading level for them and I love that there is some historical aspect as well.


Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

Artistic Pursuits – This has been a fun addition this year as well. We love exploring the different mediums and talking about how artists work. I also love that it uses classic artwork to display the way artists work so they can really see what we are talking about done in a way that is beautiful.

Picture Study – Fra Angelico – We have really enjoyed looking at the religious artwork of Fra Angelico. The kids love picture study and love telling all they can remember from the paintings and they are always very accurate! I love that it is sticking in their minds and making an impression on them everytime!


Composer Study – Bingen – I had never heard of Bingen until I was preparing for this term. We all have enjoyed his compositions.

Piano – both kids are taking piano lessons and have been doing very well. Mister Man seems to take to it naturally while Sunshine needs a bit more to get it but they both love it!

Charlotte Mason Homeschool - Year 1 - Term 1 - Modern Momma Musings

I love looking at this list, it makes me realize how many books we really are reading. It doesn’t seem like that much until you write it all down! I love it!



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  • September 22, 2016 at 8:39 am

    The dictation/spelling/grammar program you’re using is intriguing. 🙂 I’ll have to check that out.

  • September 22, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    Ohmigosh! I am so glad I found your blog. I’m a Catholic mom of two boys, and I love Charlotte Mason. I’m still in the tot years, so we’re just casually learning our letters and numbers, but I’ve been noodling on how I could eventually make AO more Catholic. I will be following your homeschool with interest!

    • September 23, 2016 at 2:43 pm

      So happy you’re here!!! It’s been a fun, crazy journey to find what works best for us and I am so glad to share it with everyone!


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