Curriculum Update

A friend is beginning her homeschool journey and asked what we used for our curriculum. I directed her to my list of curriculum for this year, but soon realized we’ve made a few changes.

In order to keep this up to date, here are the changes and additions we have made for our curriculum in 2015/16.


We are still using Horizons and we like it but we added Life of Fred for a little break in the week. We have been doing Horizon’s 4 days a week and supplementing Life of Fred once a week to have the kids think about math on a new level. Both my kiddos are good at math, but it takes a bit to get them focused. I think they are bored with the mundane worksheet type learning. Life of Fred has added a bit of fun to our week. We do 2-3 chapters each week. It’s great as a supplement but I cannot see us using it as the main math text for our work. I personally think it just scratches the surface, but it is great at making them think about the way to solve the problems, which is a definite plus. So far it is working well in our weekly plan.


We got bored with Mystery of History and history started lacking. I needed something written more as a story rather than a textbook for both the kids interest level and my own. About a month ago we switched to Story of the World. I am loving it! It is written on a much more understandable level for the kids. We love the story-like form of each lesson and the kids are taking in much more. We are adding in a lot of Living Books to supplement our studies which is making it all click as well. I am very happy with our conversion. I think I will end up using Mystery of History later in our classical education, but for now it’s a bit too much for the kids. Story of the World is hitting them right at their level.


We have added Cantering the Country to our geography curriculum. It has been a great way to add a bit of fun to our lessons. It has helped me to organize and get the materials I need for each state. There are great lists of books and topics to enhance our studies. Living books have been another addition to our state studies. We’ve loved so many of the books we’ve read and it makes the state history and day-to-day living come to life for us all.


We are still using Apologia but we have branched off for a bit with our studies to Burgess Bird Book for Children. This has been the basis of our science right now, because it is a great living book that the kids are enjoying. We are referencing the Apologia Flying Creatures book for more information but it is not the bulk of our science right now. Once we finish Burgess we will get back to our normal science routine. Until then we are enjoying great literature!

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