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We have a very active family. Between homeschooling, gymnastics, baseball and all of the other activities mixed in, we seem to be constantly busy. If cleaning the house was a chore only I could do, our house would be perpetually dirty. There are just not enough hours in the day.

Everyday Homemaking - Modern Momma Musings

We’ve changed the chore schedule many times to try and get a good fit and I think this may be continually changing as we grow in duties and expectations. I am always looking for a better way or a different idea and Everyday Homemaking has published a book,The Everyday Family Chore System, that may be just what we needed to jump start the fall.


The Everyday FAMILY Chore System

About the book:

The Everyday Family Chore System is available in both print and e-book. I received the print book and found it very easy to read and it was easy to highlight, make notes, and tab pages for later reference. I do think the e-book would be beneficial for the charts and cards that you can reproduce.

Our impressions:

I loved that the book explained how the system worked and what to expect at the early ages and beyond. Remembering that my kids need to adjust to a new way of working is always something I need a bit of a reminder for! I sometimes believe they will jump right in and do it perfectly from the beginning… not so much.


I loved the charts and descriptions/steps for completing each task. I’ve always asked the kids if they had finished all the steps of the task, it was great to have it laid out for me so that I could hand them the list and tell them to make sure they have completed them all before they returned. It was also a great way for me to check their work quickly. Instead of having to depend on my non-existent memory of what needed to be done.Everyday Homemaking - Modern Momma Musings

How we used the book:

We just adjusted our school days and this was a great way to make a change in all regards.

Everyday Homemaking - Modern Momma Musings

I felt The Everyday Family Chore System helped me to wrap my head around what chores should look like in a house with kids 8 and under and what it can look like as they get older. I used her idea of writing out what has to be done each day and week. This was a great way to see the big picture. Then I assigned those jobs to kids and myself. I made a list for the week and left the top blank. After laminating the sheet, I posted it on the fridge and can use dry erase marker to switch it up when I feel the time is right.

Everyday Homemaking - Modern Momma Musings

So far, the kids are doing a pretty good job getting into the swing of our new system. I like that they have a better understanding of what is expected.

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  • August 22, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Thank you so much for reviewing the system. I’m glad you were able to use it as a springboard to tweak to your own family’s needs!


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