Finding Beauty in the Changing Seasons of Motherhood

My morning routine has been undergoing a few adjustments lately. Sugar Plum has been sleeping through the night (Woohoo!) and getting up around the time I normally start my morning – 6am. It’s been great getting extra sleep and she tends to go back to sleep most days after nursing, however, there have been many days where she decides to stay up. This has been a great way to spend some one-on-one time with her before the big kids wake up, but it has cut into my morning reflection and prayer time, something I need to make it through the day. As a homeschooling mom, those few hours are an important time for me to reflect and prepare my heart for the day.

Finding Beauty in the Changing Seasons of Motherhood- Modern Momma Musings

That being said, majority of the days, I have gotten a chance to get in at least a little bit of reflection time before everyone in the house is up, and the crazy day begins.

This morning, was one of those mornings. I nursed Sugar Plum, gathered my morning supplies (books, computer, etc.) and poured a cup of coffee. As I sat down in the silence of the room, all I could hear was the chirping of a bird outside the window. It was a beautiful sign that reminded me that spring is around the corner.

As I listened, I started to think about my life. How the spring of my life is beginning as well. Sugar Plum is hitting another milestone; sleeping through the night. This is a big change in our lives, it is also time to reflect on the days and how everything will change because of that milestone.

Spring brings so many beautiful things if we open our eyes. Just as this spring in our home is beautiful, as long as we see the beauty of the moments and make the changes we need to adjust to the new chapter. But, it’s sometimes hard finding beauty in the changing seasons of motherhood. When it seems like you just got into a good routine and things were going smooth, it all changes in a flash.

That’s my goal this week, as I listen to the birds out my window, I will be reflecting on how my days have been and what can be done to make them even more beautiful. From my heart – listening and letting God guide me in the direction He has chosen for me to live this part of my beautiful, wonderful, crazy life.

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