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Phonics is one of the major components in raising a reader. Without a good beginning with phonics it is very difficult to move into the avid reader stage. Some kids catch on quickly, while others need a little help in excelling their reading skills. Ultimate Phonics Reading Program from Spencer Learning offers another great program that will help your kids take the step into reading.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}
Whether your child is just beginning to read or is struggling with reading, the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program may help them glide more quickly to the next level.

With just a few hours per week, your child can be excelling before you know it!

We have used the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program with Sunshine in an effort to make her more confident reading.

Sunshine has a tendency to guess at words rather than work through them. She also will add words or skip words while reading. Both of these are signs that she may have a bit more to work on before she is a confident reader. In order to grow her reading skills it is important to be sure her phonics skills are advancing as well. This is where the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program comes into the picture. Ultimate Phonics Reading Program aims to help the student become more confident with phonics so that they can begin reading at a higher level.

The program breaks down the words for the student allowing them to see how it all fits together. With more than 4,400 words broken down and more than 2,100 sentences, the program is well rounded and complete.

Sunshine used the program many times over the last month. While it is not her favorite program to use, it does seem to be effective. She is becoming a more confident reader in her day to day readings at home and I am hopeful that this will continue as she feels more comfortable with her phonics base.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program is suitable for all ages, from beginning reader to adults, so there is something to help all readers! The interactive, simple setup is a great way to encourage your readers to move from one lesson to another without a lot of distractions. Which, at least in our house, helps to keep them on task. The program itself, however, is not very entertaining if you are looking for something fun, with a lot of graphics and colors, this is not what you should use. But, on the other hand, if you are looking for a program that will help your readers, this may work well for your family.

Ultimate Phonics Reading Program {Spencer Learning}
We will continue to use the program with Sunshine, and will eventually use it with Sugar Plum as well. Muster Man has excelled in his reading skills but if we ever run into an issue I will know it is an option!

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