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The beauty of homeschooling is that we can move at the pace of each child and supplement as needed. Some subjects are more difficult to grasp than others and having a way to add in another learning tool can be a relief. With the Help Teaching Pro Subscription at you have a ton of different worksheets, games and more to supplement within your home and homeschool.

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The site is broken down in many ways. The site holds Tests and Worksheets, Lessons, Games and More.

We used the Test and Worksheets section quite a bit. I loved that it was broken down by subject and grade so I could easily browse for what I needed. Because we homeschool, we are not tied down to a certain age that our children are working within, so the subject browse let me see the options for each subject instead of searching through each grade for what I needed. I also loved that the tests could be printed or taken online. While we did the printed tests, it was nice to know that online testing is available as well.

The lessons section was a fun way for the kids to practice what they had already learned. We used the geometry lesson and the kids enjoyed the video lesson as well as the review lesson.

While we have not used the games generator I can definitely see many possibilities for this as a fun extra in our homeschool. It’s nice to have the generator at your fingertips, for easy creation and fun to break up the day a bit. I plan to use the bingo game creator for a nature walk in the near future!
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The beauty of is that it works with early education all the way through high school. Making it a great resource for a large family.

While I used most of the worksheets for Sunshine (7) and Mister Man (6). I could definitely see the usefulness of it with my Sugar Plum (17 months) as she gets older.The alphabet, colors, numbers and more will be a great addition to her early learning.

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I actually printed off and laminated the color and shape worksheets just to put with her tot school bins now. I love having these things around the house. She is always wanting to be like big brother and sister and these are a great way to start her learning as well. Just pointing and saying the names of the items will go a long way in her early learning.

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The alphabet and number coloring sheets will probably be one of the next items I used for Sugar Plum. I remember searching all over the internet for this type of thing with the other two kiddos and it will be nice to have them in one place for Sugar Plum’s turn.

I can see that is going to be a great addition to our supplemental items in our homeschool. I have already begun finding things I plan to use in the near future and it will be nice to have a go-to place to print off something to enhance our learning.

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