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My kids have grown to love grammar, but it can get monotonous. As with many other subjects I am always looking for ways to mix it up. The English Grammar Teaching Method from English on a Roll has been a fun addition to our weekly routine.

English on a Roll Review - Modern Momma Musings

About English on a Roll:

English on a Roll uses multiple senses to keep your child engaged in their learning experience. The English Grammar Teaching Method works for visual, auditory, and tactile learners in each lesson. This creates a good learning experience for all kids involved and saves you time in finding multiple curriculums to meet your childrens’ needs.

English on a Roll

How We Used It:

We used the English on a Roll as a supplement to our normal grammar program. Grammar has always been something we do daily even though it was not a necessary part of our curriculum. 

Before each day’s lesson I made copies of the worksheets (which is covered by a copyright), pulled out the necessary cubes and read through the lesson.

The cubes took a little bit of time in finding at first. Mostly because there are many different cubes within the box. Luckily they are color coordinated which saved a bit of time. After a few lessons, it was pretty easy to find the cubes I needed and this was not as much of a burden.

English on a Roll Review - Modern Momma Musings

The lessons are geared towards classroom use, but I did not have any problem changing them up a bit to make them work for my two kiddos. Most of the lessons didn’t need much adjusting, but if you only had one child, you may need to make a few more adjustments.

We followed the manual in our format. Starting with the concepts and handouts, and the use of the auditory and visual senses. Once I felt that they had a pretty good understanding of what we discussing that day, we moved on to the games and conversations. This was the more tactile part of the lessons. Finally we moved onto the worksheet and writing portion again a bit of tactile and visual.

For most lessons we needed less than 20 minutes, which was just enough time to get the lesson taught and understood before they lost interest or began daydreaming.

Our Impression:

I felt that English on a Roll was a fun addition to our normal grammar and I think it could be a good grammar program to teach the basics. My kids were quite a bit further along so we combined a few lessons more to just review than to re-teach the concepts.

The teaching handouts were well laid out and easy to follow. I loved that I could copy them and let the kids keep them as a reference sheet.

My kids enjoyed working with the cubes the most. They were a fun way to practice sentence structure without completely diagraming a sentence and they did a great job of keeping the kids focused on the lesson. They may not have even noticed they were learning 😉

The worksheets were easy to follow, but the graphics could have been neater. I was disappointed by the elementary line drawings of stick figures. I felt these made them a bit too childish. That being said, the worksheets themselves were a good way to round out the lessons and my kids had no problem finishing the worksheets without complaining.

If you are looking to add an interactive program to your grammar curriculum, this would be a good program to use. I do think the English on a Roll program would work well for anyone starting grammar. It is a good base for grammar but if have been doing grammar for a little while, look closely at the lesson outlines, they may be a lot of review for you as well. 

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