Kick Start Your Nature Studies – Creative Nature Study E-Book Review

I’ve always loved nature and being outdoors, but as I grew older the less time I had to explore. Add to that my fears of snakes, bugs, etc. kicked into overdrive and I stayed further away from woods. It wasn’t until I had kids that I started to explore nature again. I wanted to see the world God created from their eyes, noticing the small things that normally go overlooked. Unfortunately, we haven’t made it as much of a priority lately. With an itty-bitty, it’s been hard to be spontaneous like we were before. Which means I need to be more intentional with my nature study planning.

Creative Nature Study E-Book Review
This is definitely something that has been weighing on my mind lately. I have a strong desire to spend more time in nature with the kiddos, but our schedule is quite hectic so I have yet to find a way to fit it in. This is exactly why I was so excited when Schoolhouse Review Crew contacted me to review the Creative Nature Study E-book from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Creative-Nature-Study EBook

The description caught my attention immediately – Ideas to Jump-Start or Invigorate Nature Study in Your Homeschool. Yes! That’s exactly what I needed something to spark that desire and get me excited about it and motivated to get it started. Hopefully, that would help me make the time rather than wait for it to happen.

The e-book lived up to the description. I was only a few writings in before I wanted to drop everything to take the kids on the trail near our house. That’s exactly what we did! The kids loved taking a break to just explore the woods. Creative Nature Study Review

The more I read, the more the stories touched me. Each woman has a unique writing style and outlook on nature study. With 31 different stories spanning what to pack, ideas and even a section on allergies I believe you will find that their tips, ideas and inspirational stories will make you want to take a closer look at the way your kids see the world around them.

Even a basic walk down your street or a small patch in your backyard can turn into a great nature study. Nature is available to you everywhere you look. If you think about it, you can make a nature study happen almost anywhere. Just step outside and dig a little deeper.

One of my favorite ideas in the book was to just sit on a blanket with the kids and look up at the sky, take in your surroundings, the sounds, the views, the smells. This is what I have put in the works for this weeks nature study. I think this will provide a great environment to discuss what we would all like to start studying in nature. A jumping off point, if you will.

I am striving to be more intentional about nature study during our weeks. Starting with every Friday because this is a day we are likely home and it’s a great way to end the week and start the weekend.
Creative Nature Study Review
The Creative Nature Study E-book is sure to delight anyone interested in starting a nature study with their children, as well as anyone looking for a little inspiration to invigorate their current nature studies.

Nature can be very simple or much more complex. Extra time researching questions that come up and taking time to look closer will help develop a love for nature in both yourself and more importantly your children.