KOVOT Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves Review

We just moved and our new house has a wonderful double oven. I love cooking so a double oven has always been on my want list.

I was so excited to use it, however I didn’t realize the top smaller oven has a lip on the grate which makes it very difficult to pull the items out of the oven with my fingertip silicone oven gloves.

I was very happy to review the KOVOT silicone gloves because it was a definite need for our family.

KOVOT Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves Review

When they arrived I immediately took them out and fit them to my hand. While they fit large they were very comfortable and they felt thick but not so thick that I couldn’t bend my fingers to grab a casserole or cookie sheet.


A few days later, I was making dinner and I got to try them out in the hot oven. They are heat resistant for temperatures up to 446F.

They worked great. I did not feel one bit of the heat through the gloves. They were easy to maneuver and gripped the pan extremely well.


I have always been a fan of silicone oven gloves/mitts because of the easy cleanup factor. These gloves are even dishwasher safe and washed up just great with some soap and water. As a messy cook, this is a must!

Another great thing is they can be used in so many different situations.


I have now used them a few more times and I am in love with these gloves. They are my go-to oven mitts and I am ready to part with all the others.


Disclaimer – I received the KOVAT Silicone BBQ Gloves for free from Sharp Gear. The opinions stated above are my own.

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