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We are just beginning the alphabet with Sugar Plum who is two years old. We are taking a letter a week and doing fun activities to learn the letter and the sound it makes. One of her favorite additions to our letter learning is Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook from The Crafty Classroom.

Crafty Classroom Bible ABC - Modern Momma Musings

The Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook is made for preschool children. Sugar Plum is only two but it has worked very well for her with a just a few changes to make it geared more for her young age.

The download includes over 650 pages of activities and fun. 24 pages for each letter! The pages are adorable and well setup. I did not find that any of the pages were hard to follow or had too much information on one page. Sugar Plum never seemed overwhelmed and it was laid out nicely throughout. Each letter has the same basic layout and pages but with the corresponding images for the letter being studied.

The beauty of the download is that it has allowed me to only print the pages I need right now. Sugar Plum is just beginning her alphabet learning and is not writing the letters or doing math, yet. I can print only those pages that deal with letter recognition and sound. The other pages I do not need to print yet, but will definitely use in a few years when she is beginning those stages.

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Most of the items we have around our house are normal letter items (apple, book, monkey, etc.). I love that the Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook is bible based. Each letter has a biblical approach. For example, “A” uses Adam and angel in addition to the normal apple, ape, etc..

There is also a bible story to go along with the letters which has been a great addition to our alphabet time. We used our children’s bible and read the story while she colored the pages with the letter. She loved this one-on-one time with a book and colors.

I loved that the curriculum has a schedule for you to follow so that each week the letter is approached in much the same way. Making it a fun routine. While I did have to adjust a bit of this to make it work better for our needs, it was easy to mix it up a bit or skip one thing but replace it with another activity.

Crafty Classroom Bible ABC - Modern Momma Musings

I would definitely recommend this printable Bible ABC Curriculum Notebook for anyone looking to add the alphabet into their curriculum. The images are adorable, the activities work for a wide range of learning styles and ages, and best of all there is a great biblical approach to each letter as well.

We have enjoyed this curriculum and will be continuing it throughout our letter of the week studies. I am looking forward to using the other pages as Sugar Plum gets older and is ready for the next steps.

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