Learning Latin – Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin Review

We have loved learning Latin this past year! So when I was offered the chance to review the Olim, Once upon a Time in Latin, Reader I and the Olim, Once Upon a time in Latin, Workbook I from Laurelwood Books I was excited to try a new way of learning Latin with the kids.


Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}
The Olim, Once upon a Time in Latin, Reader I is a small book containing three fairy tales in both English and Latin. They are stories my kids have heard many times so it was not a matter of new information from that standpoint. The fairy tales are written first in English and immediately following in Latin. There is a key in the column next to the story with the Latin to English translation for reference while reading.


Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}

The corresponding Olim, Once Upon a time in Latin, Workbook I works page by page with the reader and makes it easy to follow along. There are a few exercises for each page, including: a translation from English to Latin and Latin to English, fill in the blank sentence recognition and completion, a Digging Deeper section which included looking closer at the grammar involved with Latin, as well as matching, challenges and Digging for Treasure exercises.

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}
When I presented the material to my son, he was excited to try to read and understand the stories in Latin. We read the English version of the story and then read through the Latin version completely, before taking it slowly, page by page for understanding.

This was the most difficult part in my opinion. I was not sure of the correct pronunciation of the Latin and I think an audio with the story read for the child would have been a great addition to this reader. However, I do understand that Latin is a written language more than a spoken language so maybe that is not quite as important as if it were in Spanish or French. Just a bit of my perfectionism coming out 😉

Olim, Once Upon a Time in Latin Review - Modern Momma Miusings

Mister Man enjoyed listening to the story and trying to picture what was going on. Fairy Tales are well loved by my children making the story time fun and interesting for him.

After reading through and then looking closer at the text we took it page by page with the workbook exercises. Mister Man is not a fan of writing and the workbook is full of writing. Since we are on our summer schedule and this was an extra activity, I decided to skip the fight and do the writing for him. However, he did the work finding the answers and telling me what to write as well as spelling the Latin words. This was fun for him, he enjoyed working through the exercises. I do think that if he were to have done the writing it would have been much less pleasurable for him.

Olim, Once Upon A Time Latin Review - Modern Momma Miusings

We both enjoyed the readers and workbook, but I am not sure how much he actually retained. This could be a fun supplement for someone looking for a way to expose their child to Latin in different forms, and this is what we will continue to use this for in our home.

There are six levels in the Olim, Once upon a Time in Latin series so you could continue the exposure to Latin with these books easily. The levels are geared to children in grades two through five. The readers could be used with many children so you would only need to by a new workbook for each child making it budget friendly as well.

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Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}
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