Links from the Week – Multiple Weeks – February and March 2018

February flew by and March is already halfway over! Wowzer! I feel like 2018 is going quicker than any other year to date.

Hopefully you had a great few weeks. Our last few weeks were filled with work craziness, a taste of spring and a lot of time outside in the beautiful weather, crazy wind and even a bit of snow flurries – seriously – we live in KC the weather fluctuates like crazy.

While we were enjoying the crazy ups and downs, here are some of the articles that caught my attention..

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

Favorite Catholic Podcasts – Blessed is She
When I am carting kids around or just have a bit of time for myself (LOL) I love listening to podcasts.  Fountains of Carrots is always at the top of my listening list and I just added a few of the others to try out. If you are looking to grow a little deeper in your faith, learn more about it, or just want something interesting to listen to, a Catholic podcast might be just what you need.

Choosing Your Child’s Patron Saints – Not So Formulaic
This was a great article on how to make a saint posse for your child. It had a great breakdown on how to narrow down the marvelous list of saints to decide which saint best represents your child and who would be great to have intercede on their behalf.

The Drugging of the American Boy – Esquire
This will probably upset some readers, but I did find the article very interesting. I’ve never been a fan of taking any medication unless it was absolutely necessary and I feel the same way about it in regards to my kids. There are so many other factors and ways of dealing with issues, especially behavior issues.

In fact we are working through some behavior issues right now, and while I think medication would help alleviate the issues at hand, I know there are other ways of dealing with them that will be better in the long run. It’s a hard road right now, but we are working through the issues. We’ve had to cancel things and leave abruptly, but I’m seeing connections and understanding the triggers. Yes, it will definitely take more time than a medication to mellow things out. But in the end he will be able to control himself (hopefully) instead of a medication controlling him.

Please know these are just my honest opinions. I am not pointing fingers are saying one way is better than another. I realize that everyone has a different view and what works for our family may not work for another family. I would love to hear your thoughts on this controversial topic. 

Enough – 6 Things Kids Really Need – Becoming Unbusy
This blog hit on all the things I truly believe kids need more of. Less toys, more of us. More memories of times spent together. This was the main reason we decided to do a trip for Christmas this year instead of a bunch of toys. They don’t need “stuff” they need the memories!

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