Links from the Week – Week 3 – March 2018

Another week has finished up and Easter is next week! This week had some great reads. Here are a few of my favorite.

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

Choose v. Want – Catholic Mom
This was an eye opener for me this week. I want a lot of things and I know even in my prayer life I say “I want to be more patient.”, “I want to know you better.” etc.. But what if we change that want to choose. It makes a world of difference. Now I can do something about it and I have a starting point.

I Found the Secret to Connecting With My Tween – Perfection Pending
This was just a feel-good read for those of us navigating the tween years. As with any stage in life, they are hard to understand but this was a fresh take on finding that connection.

The Real Reason We Have Mass Shootings – Daily Signal
Gun control is not the issue – decline in morals are the issue. Yes, things have gotten way out of hand in all regards, but we have to look closer to the root of the problem and that goes much deeper than gun control.

What if My Child Doesn’t Remember – Archipelago
I love using the Charlotte Mason theory of education. It fits our lifestyle very well. One of the worries I’ve had has been what they remember. We read so many great books and I can definitely see the connections made between them all. For instance we were reading Our Island Story this week and talking about the British gaining Quebec. Both kids immediately connected the St. Lawrence River from Paddle to the Sea. This sparked an interest in Mister Man, who later pulled out a few more books from the shelves upstairs and began looking more at Canada.

These types of connections happen daily, so I definitely know they are getting a lot out of the education we are providing for them. But what about names and dates and time periods? These are things I never remembered either so I often wonder why I worry about them for my kids. That being said, don’t we always want something better for our own children? I will say I think the dates are not nearly as important as having an idea of when it happened (before this and after that). The Book of Centuries definitely helps with that too. I guess what it all comes down to is, there is no way memorizing all these facts is the only way to have a good education. In fact, I would argue that has nothing to do with the education I want to provide. The ideas that are generated will be what lasts in their minds and this is where the wonderful living books come in and the connections between them and things and other books. This type of education will last much longer than a memorized fact.

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