Links from the Week – Week 4 – January 2018

Another week in the books and some new great links! Enjoy this weeks links:

Links from the Week - Modern Momma Musings

Catholic Kids, The Works of Mercy and a Hands on Fruitful Lent – Catholic Mom

I loved this blog post about making Lent a meaningful time for your kids when it’s tough to schedule more into your already full schedule. We will be trying out the Works of Mercy for this year’s lent.

Why Antibiotics are Wonderful, Until They are Not – Verily
Great article on the way antibiotics are creating more issues in many cases. While still holding to the fact that sometimes they are necessary.

Trump: School Choices ‘Empower Parents’ to Seek Best Future for Children – The Daily Signal
With this week being National School Choice week, it’s no wonder I found quite a few articles on school choice at the top of my reading list. As a homeschooling mom to three kiddos, I definitely agree with the right to choose our own educational path for our family.

Homeschooling is Not a Crime – The Daily Signal
With the news story of the Turpin family taking center stage lately, it’s not surprising that there is a lot of backlash on homeschooling. The problem is, as with many issues in media, the issue is not a homeschooling issue. Abuse cases happen everywhere including public and private schools. The issue is not in the choice to homeschool, it is in the people that made those awful choices, and those that kept the secret. “In the name of liberating the Turpin children, they seek to keep the rest of us homeschooling families in regulatory chains.”

Dear Mothers with Young Children at Mass – Catholic Mom
I am the mom with young children at mass, it’s stressful sometimes but I know it is worth every moment of it, even if for the years in the trenches, I’m not getting quite as much out of mass as I would like. The fact of the matter is our young children are the future of the church and they are learning so much each hour they spend in the pew. This was a great uplifting read to encourage those of us in the trenches each Sunday to keep doing what we are doing, even though it’s tough.

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