Morning Routine – Wake up and Reflect

It’s only 3:30pm and I am already exhausted.TGIF.

Sugar Plum had her 4 month shots today and she has not been a very happy camper since. I finally got her fed and calmed and she is sleeping somewhat soundly now.

Mister Man is cranky, crazy and is now taking a much needed nap.

Sunshine has just been in a mood all day and is also taking a much needed nap.

Too bad mommy can’t take a nap! By this point in the day I am past sleepy and just want to get things done.

It has been one of those weeks! It was busy and everyone was just off all week. It’s weeks like this I am ready for those few extra hands all weekend and could use a few minutes to myself.

Speaking of time to myself, I have been working to get myself back into a good morning routine. Early morning is about the only quiet time in our house, and before Sugar Plum was born, I had a great routine down that allowed me to spend some time by myself and God, before the days hecticness (is this even a word?) began.

Morning Routine - Time for me and God

Since Sugar Plum’s birth, I have been struggling to get back into my normal routine.

My goal is to begin it all again next week so I can get myself pulled together before taking on the day. This week was proof that I need that time. There is just something about spending some time reflecting and talking to God that helps ground me and leads to a much better day. Less stress and more happiness.

Here’s what my plan looks like, right now.

6:00am – wake up and get some coffee

6:10 am – head into the office, begin with the days bible readings and devotions (I am loving Blessed is She devotions)- do my own reflection and journal

6:50am – Morning offering from Loyola Press – great additional quotes, reflections and quick synopsis of the saint of the day

7:00am – Plan the day – look at what needs to be done, figure out how to help the kids, especially Mister Man, succeed with the day.

7:30am – Blogs – reading, researching and writing

8:00am – breakfast with kiddos and start school (weekdays)

We’ll see how well this works. The blogs and social media can be done in the afternoon quiet time/nap time if needed. I am also hoping to get a bit more time to get blogs put together over the weekends that way it’s less on my plate during the week. I’ve got to come up with a good plan for that.

How do you get grounded for the day? Do you have time scheduled into your day/week for “youtime”?

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