New Year | New Goals | 2018

New Year | New Goals | 2018

After taking a month and a half off over the crazy holiday season, I am feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. Life was getting a bit overwhelming so a break let me spend my extra time with the ones that need me most, my kiddos.

New Year. New Goals. 2018 - Modern Momma Musings

In that time, I also did some brainstorming and planning for the blog. I am excited for the next year of blogging and I am sure you enjoy it as well.


In the coming year, I will be focusing more on the Catholic, Charlotte Mason homeschool and lifestyle. I do not claim to know everything in this regard. The hope is to put our families journey front and center. Feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated as we take this journey.

I will also be blogging about books, parenting and homeschooling in general.

There will be other musings mixed in when a topic touches my heart.


My goal is to blog 2-3 times per week with a few new weekly topics as well. And to blog about what touches my heart.

Weekly Topics

Wordless Wednesday will stick around and I will be adding a Links from the Week blog on Fridays. This Links blog will include any interesting articles, tweets, posts, etc.; basically a review of the week from my newsfeed.

I’m excited for all the new things in the coming year and I’d love your feedback as we get this year started.

Cheers to a new year, new goals and the beauty of 2018. Salute!

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