Prayers that Changed History – Book Review

History is one of the hardest subjects for me to teach, due to my lack of interest as a youth. I love it now, and am actually always looking to learn more. Because of this I think I also want to find ways to make it more interesting for my own kids. I have hopes that they will love it much more than I did as a child. For that reason, I am always looking for supplemental books, in particular living books and faith based books.

When I was given the opportunity to review Prayers that Changed History by Tricia Goyer, I was hopeful that it would be a good supplement for our history curriculum. The book had a lot of potential since it was written by a homeschooling mom who was looking to find a supplement that would mix history and faith.

Prayers that Changed History - Book Review - Modern Momma Musings

Our Experience:

The book aligns well with our history studies this year and will in for many years to come.I have marked in our history text when there is a relating chapter in Prayers that Changed History. Tricia has placed the chapters in chronological order and also placed a timeline at the end of the book making this very easy to use as a supplement to our chronological history, Story of the World.

The layout of each of the 25 chapters is wonderful, you can definitely tell Tricia has a history of homeschooling. Each chapter focuses on a specific historical figure, their faith and how it shaped not only them but our lives as well. The separate mini-sections of each chapter, make it easy to read and reflect with many children. The text itself is well written and I love that there are ways to relate it to our own lives, giving this connection of ourselves with history and prayer. The more we can relate to other’s faith and see how history has shaped us, the more we can learn from history and more importantly, remember. Anytime I can give my kids a way to relate their lives to things we are learning, I am on board.

Our Opinion:

I believe this book is going to be a great addition to our history studies for many years to come. I would recommend Prayers that Changed History to any parent looking to help their kids see how faith and prayer have shaped so many historical figures.

Disclaimer –  I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook book review bloggers program. The opinions stated above are my own.

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