Raising Superheros, and Reading About Them, Too! – Captain Absolutely Review

My son is very interested in everything superhero, so I knew he would be very interested in the new book from Focus On The Family, Captain Absolutely.


 Captain Absolutely
We’ve always enjoyed the Adventures in Odyssey and Clubhouse Magazine from Focus On The Family so I was excited to have a superhero book that would be Christian based without extra violence. Little did I realize, the comic’s main character and the story came from the Focus on the Family, Clubhouse Magazine cartoon of the same name.

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The moment Mister Man saw me take the book out of the package, he had snatched it from my hands and was reading intently. He sat with the book for an hour or so and did not look up. He was loving every minute of it and I was enjoying the fact that it was good for him too!

Raising Superheros - Captain Absolutely Review - Modern Momma Musings

When I finally had a chance to look over the book, I was very impressed with the quality of the book itself. It is quite sturdy and well printed, which means it should hold up well with the multiple readings it’s going to have to withstand.

The next thing I noticed were the beautiful graphics. The colors pop, the illustrations are wonderfully done, and it provides visual interest throughout. I am sure it was the bright colors and fire guns on the cover that made my son know it was a superhero book.

Raising Superheros - Captain Absolutely Review - Modern Momma Musings

After doing a quick read of it myself, I realized it was a great book for my kids to pick up whenever they need a bit of inspiration and hope. I love that the way Captain Absolutely is combating evil is with hope, love and faith. He is using God’s word, even showing the book and verse within the story, to get rid of the evil plots throughout the book. There is nothing more important in our lives. These are the building blocks to a good life with God by our side, and this comic book is taking that to kids on their level. Unfortunately, these characteristics are not in all of our young readers’ materials. Any time I can add a bit more of these, the better.

I was pretty sure, my little guy loved the book because, when he had finished the book, he asked if there were any more in the series. Unfortunately, this is the only in the series, but maybe soon they will add a few more! I know I have one kid who will be ready to snatch it from the box again!

Overall, I was very impressed by the book itself, both the quality and the story itself.

My son loved it from front to back. It was quick, good read for him.

It is now on a shelf where he or anyone else can grab it to read at their leisure. I have a few friends in mind to share this book with as well. I think it will be a hit with most boys and some girls in the elementary school age range. I’m sure our copy will get a lot of love!

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