What We’re Reading – January 2018

There are always books scattered around our house. It seems everyone around here likes to read more than one book at a time. Here are some of those books we’re reading this month.

What We're Reading - Modern Momma Musings


I am pre-reading for next year. On my nightstand is No Fear Shakespeare’s The Winter Tale. So far I am loving it, I wish I had read Shakespeare more before now. I do find that the No Fear Shakespeare has been helpful. I read the original text working through it as I go, then I read the modern text to get a better understanding. The more I read, the less help I need from the modern translation so it’s been a nice transition.

I am also reading Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright. I like to pre-read the kids free reading choices so I know what they are reading and can have discussions with them as they read.

For myself, I am reading The Everlasting Man, I love G.K. Chesterton, his thoughts and ideas blow my mind. I feel like I am stretching myself further in my faith as I read.


Sunshine has been loving The Wheel on the School. She is constantly talking about how funny it is and how she doesn’t want to put it down. She is on track to finish it this week, so we’ll see what she picks next.

She is also reading about St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi with the Vision book, Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi. She is very interested in St. Francis and her interest in St. Francis led to her interest in St. Claire so it’s been fun to see her read and gain knowledge on both. She seems to be enjoying this book as well.

Mister Man

There are always multiple books open on in his room each day. Right now he is getting ready to begin The Four Story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright. He loved The Saturdays and begged for me to buy more in the series, after reading a few others in the interim he is finally starting the next book.

He also has 5000 Amazing Facts open and he is reading this bit by bit. He finds these types of books fascinating and loves regurgitating the facts. He has a brain like his dad to keep this information.

He was also very interested in Pope John Paul II and so he is also reading Saint John Paul II: Be Not Afraid, he is enjoying this as well.

Sugar Plum

Picture books have always been a favorite thing for Sugar Plum. She loves being read to and will sit for long periods of time with books. I love this! Her favorite’s right now are Caps For Sale and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. She also loves all of the Piggie and Gerald books. Her bedtime go-to is Love You Forever, which is one of my favorites as well.

Books are a big part of our life even outside of homeschooling. There are always an abundance of books around for the kids to pick up and they love grabbing a book from the bookshelves upstairs to read anytime they like. It’s fun to see what they have around their rooms each day, it is ever changing.

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