Breastfeeding Full Term and in the NICU – National Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding Full Term and in the NICU – National Breastfeeding Week

I’ve been blessed with three beautiful children, each a completely different delivery but all very dramatic. Sunshine was a quick full-term deliver. Mister Man was a life-flight, placental abruption 31 week preemie delivery. And Sugar Plum was a placental abruption 29 week preemie delivery.

With each delivery, came the unknown and the start of breastfeeding. As a new mom, breastfeeding was something I was excited, but nervous about starting. I knew that my body was going to provide the perfect nutrition for my newborn, but it is a daunting task to know that you’re the only source of nutrition for a little newborn.

With Sunshine, she latched after a bit of help from Brian (who remembered much more from the breastfeeding class we had taken) and of course the lactation consultant (thank God for them!). Once we figured it out it was easy and such a great bonding experience. I was so happy to have gotten those 6 months of bonding with her.

It was when she started teething and biting that I had had my fill and we started on organic formula. It was so sad to be weaning, but for me it wasn’t working anymore. I wish in retrospect, that I could have gone longer with her, but 6 months is better than nothing, right?

As for Mister Man, our breastfeeding journey started with my relationship with the good-ole awful pump. It was a love-hate relationship to say the least. I was so grateful for the pump to help me do the only thing I could do at that time to help my son grow and survive. Everything else was done by nurses or machines and during this emotional time, it was hard to not have that bonding experience with him like I had with Sunshine. The pump allowed me to provide him with God’s gift of liquid gold. It’s not much fun being attached to a pump, but it works and it is definitely better than hand expressing.

After the few weeks of exclusive pumping we got to try nursing. With a bit of practice, we were nursing all feedings and it wasn’t long before he was home. At home he did just as well and we made it 9 months nursing. And thanks to all that pumping, we had enough stored milk to make it the whole year on breastmilk!

This was the same experience I had with Sugar Plum. My love-hate relationship continued and we got quite the storage of frozen milk (1 completely full deep freeze and another 3/4 full to be exact!).

Got Breastmilk?

We are on a great journey now and I am hopeful to get the year of milk with Sugar Plum as well.

I feel so blessed to be able to provide the perfect nourishment for my children. It amazes me that God created our bodies work so perfectly.