Taking a New Approach to Latin – Memoria Press Review – Latina Christiana Complete Set

Latin was a subject I would have never thought to teach my children, but then again I never thought I would be homeschooling my children in the first place. Funny how life throws some amazing curve balls. Once I began thinking about homeschooling and doing research, I quickly saw how Latin takes a part in our everyday lives. We’ve done two years of Latin now, finished a program, and were ready to move onto a more advanced Latin program, this year. For this reason, I was excited to have a chance to review Latina Christiana Complete Set from Memoria Press.

Memoria Press - Latina Christiana Complete Set - Review - Modern Momma MusingsLatina Christiana is a Christian based Latin curriculum. The complete set included a teachers manual, student workbook, flashcards, pronunciation CD and an instructional DVD.

Latina Christiana Complete Set

I have never taken Latin before, so I am learning it as well. The instructional DVD was wonderful for learning the new words and feeling confident in the lessons I would be teaching in the upcoming week. The teacher’s manual was broken down into sections for ease and I loved that they gave me complete instructions for teaching each section. I did not feel as if I was unprepared for any of the lessons. The pronunciation CD was a great way to make sure I knew how to say each of the words.

The Latina Christiana student workbook was not overwhelming, which was a nice change. There are not a ton of extra pictures or ilustrations on each page and the information is laid out well throughout. My daughter knew what to expect each lesson and could follow the instructions on the worksheet page with little direction from me.

Memoria Press - Latina Christiana Complete Set - Review - Modern Momma Musings

The flashcards are a wonderful addition to the full curriculum. We use them before each lesson as a review. I loved that the Latin side has the Latin word and the English derivative, helping to see how Latin works in our daily lives. I also loved that the flashcards not only include the vocabulary, but they also include the new conjugations and declensions for each lesson. The cards are also all labeled with the lesson which makes it simple to add the newest flashcards to the mix each week.

We spread the lessons over our 4 day weeks. The first day we review the previous words we’d learned using the flashcards. This keeps the previous words, conjugations and declensions fresh in her mind. After we review our vocab and grammar, we go over the new vocabulary and derivatives in the student workbook.

The second day, we review with our flashcards again, this time starting with our new words and grammar then moving on to our review of previous lessons. We then review what we had discussed in the previous lesson and then work on the derivative portion of our lesson.

The third day, we use the flashcards to review the vocab and grammar from this lesson then review from previous lessons. We then work through the lessons on grammar again and do half of the questions in the workbook for that lesson.

Our final day of the week, we review all of the vocab and grammar mixed together from all lessons, talk about anything that may be confusing and then work on the remaining workbook questions.

The lessons run very smoothly, and I feel like the she is getting much more out of this program then she had with previous programs. She never seems overwhelmed with the amount of work she needs to complete in her lessons and she is excited to review and learn more each day.

We have enjoyed working with the Latina Christiana Complete Set and will I’m planning to use Memoria Press‘  series throughout our Latin studies. I have purchased another student workbook of Latina Christiana for my son and he is now working through the program with his sister. Memoria Press’ extensive Latin series can get your child started in Latin from first grade and continue their Latin studies through high school.

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