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My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving and not just for the amazing dinner. While the turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes are delicious, it’s sad to think that the meaning behind Thanksgiving has become lost in the commercialism of the holiday. For this reason, I think it is extremely important to teach our kids about the real reason we celebrate Thanksgiving and the history of our country. Homeschool Legacy has made this a bit easier with their Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims micro-study.

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This once-a-week study is an in-depth look at the history of our country. With the Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims micro-study, your children can dig deeper into what makes Thanksgiving such an important holiday in our history.

The micro-study is intended for 1st – 5th graders so it makes it easy to do as a family. I could definitely see where the age differences would have added a lot to the discussions. The study is written well and easy to understand, but each child will take something different from the information provided.

Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims micro-study is broken down into 6 weeks with history sections, fun activities, geography and questions for discussion mixed throughout those weeks.

The weekly study can be done in one session of approximately 30 minutes or it can be spread over a week for 6 weeks. We chose to spread ours out over a week making the sessions a bit shorter. This allowed them to stay focused and engaged in the study. I also had the kids narrate what we had read and we had a little discussion after each section.

As with most of our narrations I found that my two kiddos, 18 months apart, Mister Man and Sunshine (6 and 7 respectively), found certain things which stood out to them, and these, were many times, different from the other kiddo. As they get older I could see this changing again and again. This is the beauty of our minds!

There are even book suggestions to accompany your studies. We added If You Were at the First Thanksgiving, by Anne Kamma and will be reading A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens as our Christmas read aloud as well. Both of these books are recommended readings to enhance the study. We love book suggestions so this was a definite plus in our minds, especially when they are classics like A Christmas Carol!

While ordinarily we choose not to do unit studies, I felt that this was a nice addition to our November as we neared Thanksgiving and soon Christmas. My kids enjoyed having a fun extra in our days and they seemed to have learned a lot about Thanksgiving and the history behind the celebration. We are a looking forward to the last few weeks that lead the study into Christmas.

In addition to the Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims, Homeschool Legacy also offers some other great micro-studies for your family to enjoy: Pirates or Privateers: You Decide, Cooking up History with the Founding Presidents, Victoria and Her World, and Many Nations. As well as unit study Christmas Comes to America.

You can read more about those other offerings Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims as well as the other studies that Homeschool Legacy has to offer here:

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}
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