The Blessing of Flexibility

I have never been flexible in my body movements or my life.

Gymnastics. Yoga…not my best activities. I love them and admire those who have that talent, but my body just does not move in those ways.

The Blessing of Flexibility - Modern Momma Musings

In my life… I am a planner.

I set up my schedule and then expect to follow through on the tasks for the week, month, year, etc.. There is a certain joy in checking the boxes and seeing progress.

My planning personality, can be a blessing as well as a curse.

It’s great to be able to get things done and know what is coming up next. But, it can be difficult to wrap your head around the thought of reworking the rest of the list because one thing was not planned or did not get done.

I find myself many times getting irritated when something doesn’t go as I had it set. It feels like too much work to get it back together.

Although, for me, it took quite a bit of letting go before I could see it as a true blessing in my life.

I schedule out our school year, months in advance and plan to do it by my typed schedule every time.

Homeschooling allows a lot of flexibility, which should be a blessing.

The first few times we got off schedule I was freaking out. I found myself rushing to get everything done in the remaining days of the week. It was awful for all of us.

I have since learned that it is much better to take a deep breath, and find a way to make it all work without overloading.

Knowing when we “need” to get something done and when it can wait another few hours or a day is difficult.

Day-by-day, I am letting go of my schedule a bit more. I am letting life take us on more adventures when they present themselves. Instead of saying, “No” when it could be a great opportunity, I am allowing myself to say, “Yes”and enjoy the moment, instead of worrying about the things that will need to be done because we went off schedule.

Since I finally began letting go, we have had many great adventures.

Spontaneous field trips, days of working on only one subject because that was where our hearts were.

When I look back on the last few years, some of our best memories and learning experiences are those days we followed our hearts and went off schedule.

Because we homeschool, I also have the responsibility to get through those things that are scheduled within our curriculum in a timely manner, and I know this as well. We don’t abandon the schedule daily, but we can take time to enjoy the 50 degree day in January. Or tag along with dad on his business trip for a few weeks, so we can experience a new city.

It’s nice to be able to take a day, or a week, to just be, when we need it most, instead of on a scheduled day off.

These moments interrupt our normal schedule, but they are the moments the kids love and cherish. They are the moments they will remember.

My job is to make sure these moments are there, but that we still get our normal scheduled items done as well.

Even if it is a few days later.


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