The Mud Puddle

Twice this week I’ve been covered in mud. The first time I slipped on a nature walk and covered my side.

The second time was by choice.

No I didn’t have a fancy spa treatment. This was the mud puddle you find after a good week of rain in your own backyard. Well in this case our best friends backyard.

It sounds crazy. Why in the world would I choose to get muddy? Mud is something I ordinarily avoid.

After a day of doing weekly prep for homeschool and watching my kiddos play outside; for just a few minutes I let it all go and I was a kid again. I got to be a crazy, fun parent instead of the one that’s always on them to clean their room or get something done.

I had a great moment with my kids that will last.

Years from now we will laugh at how I may have gone a bit crazy when I chose to play in the mud. How I chose to laugh as mud was rubbed in my hair. How we laughed as my clothes went from clean to disgusting in a matter of minutes.

My days are filled with being a mom. Being the one that keeps things in line. The one that makes sure things get done.

For a small moment, I let all of that go. 

I chose to have a little fun and I am so glad that I did!

Those are the times we will remember. Those times we let ourselves be careless and free with our kids.

They’re only little for a short time and we made some fun memories.

Even if it was extremely messy!

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