Voting with Kids In Tow

Today, Mister Man woke up beaming and announced, “Today is the day we get to pick a new president! Yay, America!”

I love that his pride for his country is already growing and that they are exposed to the many great things we are blessed with as a free country.

One of those many things is our right to vote. I feel as if this is an important thing to pass on to my kids as well. For this reason, we have talked a lot about the election, read some books, watched a few videos.

Today I had the privilege to take my kids with me to vote.

Yes, I took three kids into the voting booth with me while I voted.

In fact the two older kids stood in front of me as I filled in my boxes, watching every mark with pride. Knowing that one day they would be voting, too!

This election has been very difficult, in fact, brutal at times. It has been difficult to be informative with the kids, without exposing them to too much information that is unnecessary at their age.

Instead of letting them watch the debates and news, which can be very negative and inappropriate, I made it a point to research the election and the issues while they were around. I feel that this was a good alternative at their ages. This allowed them to see that it is important to be educated on what you are voting for, and not just to be influenced by the media.

This morning, as we were waiting in the hour line to vote, they had a chance to look over the sample ballot. We talked about why we vote and how important it is. We also had a discussions on why you don’t ask people who they are voting for, as Mister Man is very curious.

After standing in line for an hour, I had three very hungry kids (we had tried to miss the lunch rush), one wailing toddler, and a lot of pride. We persevered through the long line and we exercised our right to vote. It was difficult, but definitely worth it!

Voting With Kids In Tow - Modern Momma Musings

As Mister Man would say, “Yay America!”

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