Weekly Wrap-Up – Taking advantage of the cool temperatures

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Weekly Wrap-Up


After a busy weekend I was looking forward to getting back to our weekday routine. We’re a few weeks into our school year and finally getting into our groove again.

The week went by quickly, but we accomplished quite a bit of fun learning.

It was a big week for Sunshine, who began reading on the kindle.

Sunshine has a tendency to get overwhelmed by looking at a thick book, but she reads well enough to start reading chapter books. In an attempt to cut out the overwhelming factor, I decided to let her try reading on an old kindle my husband claims as his (although he never uses). We loaded Winnie-the-Pooh, I made the type a bit larger and gave her a quick lesson on how to use the kindle, then she began.

It was like night and day. She read much more fluently, and was asking to read more instead of me having to insist she keep going! Hopefully this continues even after the new wears off. It’s also now her favorite subject and she asks to do it first cause she’s so excited to read again!


We also talked more about birds calls, songs and feathers. We even took a field trip to the zoo. Most of the public schools started classes this week, so we took advantage of the small crowds and beautiful, unseasonably cool weather (70’s in August very rarely happens in KC).

We sat in the bird area for 30 minutes, identifying the birds, listening to their songs and calls and just watching them. It was a great way to spend a bit of time with birds we can’t see in our backyard.

We met some friends later and of course we saw some other animals too.

IMG_4325 IMG_4319

Because the weather was gorgeous, we spent quite a bit of time using the outdoors as our classroom.


We worked on our math outside.


Played spelling baseball (spell the word – get a pitch – hit – run the bases -steal a base by spelling another word). This was a fun way to review our spelling words and enjoy the great weather.

We even enjoyed reading our literature selection, The Horse and His Boy outside.

It was a simple taste of what are days will look like in the fall, since I’m sure this cool weather won’t last.

It was a big week for Sugar Plum too. She had, what we now know as, her last NICU followup appointment.

She is now 9lbs and does not need her heart monitor anymore! Great news! We celebrated with some ice-cream with the kiddos… and some wine tonight with the hubby!



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